Dress Your Sofa - The Art Of Cushion Scattering

Dress Your Sofa - The Art Of Cushion Scattering

Although small in comparison to everything else in a space for example a sofa or bed, scatter cushions can add great impact to your space through colour, shape and texture. Here is Rambling Wild's guide to cushions!

How many cushions is too many cushions?

Too many cushions and your living room could look cluttered, and they may even make the sofa less comfy. As a general rule, we reckon a two or three-seater sofa needs a maximum of five cushions. If your sofa's larger then you can get away with more. Think 13 or more on a large corner sofa.


Can you mix cushion textures?

Cushions of the same colour but with different patterns go well together, as do cushions where the patterns are the same but the colours differ. It is also attractive when cushions have different fabrics so that a textural, tactile effect is created. Another little tip is to rearrange what you already have, this might sound like a strange concept, but you might already have a handful of cushions with different patterns, designs and colours already dotted around through your home. Have you ever thought about mixing them up a bit? Bring those cushions that get chucked on the floor from your bed every night into your living room and vice versa. By doing this you are simply mixing and matching cushion cover designs you already have and it will help you see if there is something missing from your cushion collection.


Can you mix cushion colours and prints?

Yes you can absolutely mix cushion colours. If your sofa is plain in colour then a mixed colour and texture of your cushions can add some real interest to the room. A riot of prints jammed together on a sofa, chair or bed can make a space feel overcrowded. Calm the chaos by selecting two or three cushions in your favourite patterns and layer them with simple block colour or neutral styles in complementing shades. To add subtle points of interest, place louder prints or colours behind simpler styles. Don’t let two cushions take over – you’ve got to layer your arrangement so put bolder cushions at the back to suggest a hint of pattern, rather than making it immediately obvious that it’s there. We love this combination of cushions together;


Can you mix different sized cushions?

We think this is the key to creating a layered effect with your cushions. Larger cushions at the back look great with the same shape cushion in front and then a different shaped cushion on top of that. When it comes to pairing different prints and colours, team small-scale patterns with larger-scale designs; this will make your arrangement easier on the eye and give each cushion the chance to shine. We recommend one of our 50cm x 50cm Unari velvet cushions layered with a 40cm x 40cm Oli linen cushion and then a 30cm by 50cm cushion to finish off the layering.