Children’s Gift Guide

Children’s Gift Guide

Children’s Gift Guide

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to buy the special little one in your life? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! We have a vast variety of gifts for children of all ages, from the very first special newborn gift to the older, more trickier, customers.

Use this guide to help you find the winning gift!

Age Range 0-2

It's always hard to find the perfect gift for a newborn, it's all about finding the right balance of sentiment and cuteness as well as something meaningful but practical. An ever popular choice is an addition to their new nursery, why not make a feature by gifting one of our animal heads or garlands. Perhaps a super cute bunny or one of our felt toys for them to love and keep forever.
Books are also a nice touch for this age as although they cannot read themselves, it promotes special quality time together and is also a very important start to their learning journey as well as something they can keep and use for years to come!


2-4 years

We have an abundance of games and toys for this age. A popular choice for this age range is always a simple puzzle so why not try one of the Touch and Feel puzzles to really get them engaged or for the younger ages, a super fun stick puzzle where their imaginations can blossom. We have lot of beautiful Touch and Feel books for this age too as they begin their reading journey. Other popular choices are always a 'Spot the Difference’ and Matching games and many other interactive books in which we have a vast selection of to guarantee hours of fun!

4-6 years

Once they’re past toddler stages, children love a challenge. How about channeling their creativity with a 3D Craft Kit, a lovely activity to do together or one for them to try independently. Another idea for this age is Bingo, fun for all the family and a great way too get your child thinking and exercising their concentration. Maybe try Dog or Ocean Bingo to enhance their interests. We also have an abundance of gorgeous books for this age to enhance their reading skills and why not ignite their learning with a ‘Life Cycle of…’ book.

6 plus

Once children reach this age they love to get involved as much as possible whilst also challenging their independence. So to inspire their creativity why not try one of our making kits, we have a 'Create your own bath bomb' and 'Create your own dream catcher' the perfect activity to keep them entertained as well as being useful.
Other games such as 'Who are You' and 'How To Speak Cat' are a great alternative game to play together. For the slightly older child their interests may have shifted towards beauty products and skincare so perhaps try a ‘Neves Bees’ lip balm or Hand Salve. We have a wide selection of soaps and sprays guaranteed to be a winning gift. We also have a selection of stationary available, the perfect gift for the new school starters!

We hope this guide has given you some inspiration in finding the perfect gift. Please view our website or pop in to our shop for even more choices!