Koa Koa Make A Hand Crank Doorbell
Koa Koa Make A Hand Crank Doorbell DIY Kit

Koa Koa Make A Hand Crank Doorbell DIY Kit

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This kit lets kids make their very own wooden hand-crank doorbell for their room, complete with gears, bike bell, screws, washers and nuts. They'll learn how gears work, along with the crank, rack, pinion and cogwheels. Once it's built, turn the crank to watch the gears start to move and push the hammer that hits the bell. The doorbell can be painted and there are four holes on the base so that it can be screwed to a door.
There is so much fun to be had - Children will feel proud of their creativity and invention, helping to boost confidence and social skills.
Suitable for age 6+
Not suitable for children under 3 years Koa Koa DIY kits inspire young inventors and creators in a fun and exciting way – learning through play at its best. Inspired by the Maker Movement, where people are returning to designing and making things themselves, Koa Koa want to reignite the natural creativity and discovery in children – the next generation of makers.

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