Koa Koa Build Animal Vision Glasses

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Open young minds and eyes to a whole new world with this Animal Vision Glasses kit from Koa Koa. Entice the imagination and explore scientific concepts as you unravel the mysteries of everyday life. The creative kit includes all the material to build your child's very own special glasses - not just ordinary glasses! You can change the lenses and mirrors on these glasses which enables you to see the world just like one of your favourite animals; eagle (aerial vision), ray (downwards), insect (kaleidoscopic) and fish (lateral vision, both sides at the same time). Watch little faces light up with amazement as they walk around wearing the glasses, experimenting with fields of vision, and seeing the world in a whole new light over and over again.

These glasses provide a fantastic opportunity to grow understanding and interest in STEM concepts by asking simple questions: How does the brain affect your vision? Why do animals need different elements of vision?
There is so much fun to be had - We wonder which animal's vision you will think is the best! Children will feel proud of their creativity and invention, helping to boost confidence and social skills.
Suitable for age 6+

Not suitable for children under 3 years Koa Koa DIY kits inspire young inventors and creators in a fun and exciting way – learning through play at its best. Inspired by the Maker Movement, where people are returning to designing and making things themselves, Koa Koa want to reignite the natural creativity and discovery in children – the next generation of makers.

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